Women – Learning About Sex Should Be Easy

Young woman in bed

For all the advances we’ve experienced in the world, young women today are still shamed and thus, made to feel like they should always stay in the dark when it comes to expressing their sexuality. With the internet, it has become easy for women to finally learn about sexuality, sexual health and self expression. Whole industries have been created to bring much needed information to women so they can be safe and learn to love their bodies and express themselves as openly as men can.

But most of this information is directed in one direction, with women receiving information from these sources, but often not being able to ask questions about things they are actually experiencing or want to learn about. Paipan Talks has compiled a list of the best places to visit to learn about various sexual Health Topics:


Orgasmic Tips For Girls: This blog describes itself as a blog for women that focuses on sex, masturbation, relationships and body positivity. It has become a pillar of information for teens and women to come and talk about their sexual adventures, questions and difficulties. It has become a tight-knit community for women to learn about things you can’t usually find elsewhere.

General Sexuality

Online Questionnaire: Like Orgasmic Tips, multiple anonymous questionnaire website have become a go-to resource for women to discuss topics on sex, their adventures and their fetishes. These communities are embraced by open minded members as a resource based on respect. The ability to remain anonymous gives women the platform to ask and learn free of guilt.

The web has definitely created a safe haven for women to come and learn about their sexuality and things that interest them. With these resources, you can too. Visit these websites and give us your feedback!