Acceptable Qualifications for the Exams for the UK Citizenship

Naturalization is one of the methods anyone can use in order to become a new citizenship of the United Kingdom. By staying at least 3 years in the country, someone can apply to become one of the candidates of receiving a new citizenship from the UK government. However, that is not as easy as requesting something to a mother as there are some requirements each of the applicants needs to be able to fulfil.

One of the requirements to obtain naturalisation is to pass some tests or examinations which have been set by the government which include the Life in the UK test and the English test for citizenship. Acceptable qualifications have also been determined for each of the tests. To pass the English language test then, as of November 12th, 2015, the government of the United Kingdom have decided that they will only accept an English language qualification which is one the b1 level of English qualification. It means that the applicants should take the b1 english test for citizenship. This level is included as one of the intermediate levels of the English language which means that the holder of the certification has been proven to be able to speak English properly yet still with some problem in understanding what the other people say. The result of the b1 English test will be valid for two years since the result is obtained by the exam taker.

As for Life in the UK test, to be able to pass this test, each of the applicants must answer 24 questions asked to know how far the applicants know about the way to live in the UK and the values and traditions of the country. All of the questions will be based on the handbook of Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship.