The apartment is the first residential choice of the most cost-effective

Each person would carve a comfortable dwelling as a residence and has a high economic value to invest. There is currently a wide variety of residential development, ranging from housing, condominiums, apartments, up flats. What is the difference from the type of occupancy? It can be explained here that the housing is used as a home or residential neighborhoods that are equipped with facilities and infrastructure such as roads, drinking water networks, electricity, and telephone, also garbage disposal. While a condominium, apartments, and flats in principle is almost the same type of housing in the form of multi-storey buildings consisting of many units. Nevertheless, the third type of dwelling is targeting different segments, which tend to upscale condominiums, apartments for the middle class, while the flats for the lower classes. Of the many types of residential development, residential houses and apartments become the most in demand by the property market. So no wonder if the two types of residential development get more priority than the other dwelling types. Each housing and new apartments being marketed, always sold out. However, as more and more housing and apartments, arise ‘dilemma’ in choosing a dwelling, house or apartment like queens peak?

Actually, it is not too difficult to make a choice in the decision to buy a house or apartment. Residences, houses, and apartments have their own advantages and disadvantages. It also has a very clear distinction in various aspects. Well, this distinction could be one of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of occupancy. In this globalization era, development of infrastructure and public facilities, including settlements intensified. On the other hand, this development had a positive effect, in which the construction area untouched increasingly crowded, but on the other hand also cause unfavorable impact, because of the vast land for settlements increasingly limited. As land availability is not possible to create new neighborhoods are realized with the construction of housing, especially in big cities. Well, to get around the constraints of limited land then developed a new form of apartment occupancy. The need for land to build an apartment is not an area of housing. That is why there is a shift of house where housing transferred to the suburbs, while apartments can stand proudly in the city center.

Viewed from the perspective of price, apartments tend to be more expensive compared to home. How can? Is not the size of houses larger than the apartment? Indeed, but the price aspect is not solely determined by the size of land, but there are other factors to consider as well.