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Dental implants (tooth planting) is sekrum titanium implanted in the jaw teeth, serves to replace the roots of teeth. Planting is done ditulang upper or lower jaw, allowing a replacement tooth from connecting to the bone. Dental planting can be used to replace one or more teeth are loose.

Gigi will be planted to have the same shape and function of natural teeth, maintaining the shape of the face and reduce the discomfort because the teeth are loose. Dental Bridge or the bridge is one way of tooth replacement that involves the teeth on either side of the edge that should be riding to hold the tooth to be replaced. Teeth next to the missing tooth needs to be sharpened a bit without changing the shape and size of the tooth origin. Dental Crown or so-called artificial tooth crown is a tooth-shaped sheath sheathed to the teeth to restore teeth shapes, sizes and strengths as well as maintaining the function of the damaged tooth. Artificial tooth crown can be made of acrylic, porcelain, metal or a mixture of porcelain and gold. Orthodontic treatment is done by a specialist orthodontic dentist or orthodontist called. For more info, ask www.strathconadental.ca/