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How to Choose the Right Kayak Paddle

Choosing the right paddle is, of course, as important as choosing the right kayak. The reason is because if both of them are great, the kayak and paddle that you choose can be the best kayak set ever that you can use to fulfill your thirst of an adrenaline rush on the river. There are several things that must be done when choosing a kayak paddle, including weight factor paddle, paddle length, symmetry paddle blade and the handle grip diameter paddle. The very important factor which should be taken into consideration before buying a kayak is the paddle. Related to the suitability of the paddle to be held, here are some tips on choosing the right kayak paddle.

1. Adjust the length of the paddle kayak

The first decision to be made is when looking for the right kayak paddle to buy if the decision on how long paddle desired. Generally, the length of the paddle kayaks available between 180 cm to 220 cm. Ideally, a short paddle is preferred by paddlers who have a short stature. Similarly, the length of the short paddle recommended for paddle aggressive techniques and techniques combined with different emphasis.

The best way to determine the suitability is by trying to paddle paddles of different lengths. Previously, we could try to belong to another boater to know the length of a match with us. Another way is to set up a paddle to be parallel to the body and then reach the end of the paddle by hand. If the end of the paddle can be reached, then paddle is likely to be suitable.

2. Feel the weight of a kayak paddle.

Each paddle has different weights, depending on the manufacturer. This is due to different processes during manufacture, the materials used are different, and the quality of materials used. Do not forget to ask the seller about the fabric and the weight of the paddle. The average weight ranges from 700-750 g.