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Why combined motor trade insurance

More and more people ask whether or not online quote on www.dna-insurance.com/motor-trade-insurance/ can give them the chance to take advantage of combined motor trade insurance. As mentioned, this type of policy is the most extensive level of motor trade insurance. If you have the dealer where it has expensive stock and equipment on site, have you ever thought of having this insurance? This then will cover you for following:

– Road risks
– Employers liability, service and sales indemnity
– Damage to machinery and damaged to stocks
– Theft of equipment and stock, and more

If you notice this insurance type the best one since it covers more, will you choose the policy from our insurance company? In addition. this is extremely comprehensive but gives complete peace of mind. Should I pay more for the premium? This is the very common question when someone is the newbie to having the idea to use combined motor trade insurance to cover their business.